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Sindh’s lower-income Hindus suffer, rich face no problems

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WHILE many of Karachi’s Hindus say they experience few difficulties in the city, others, especially those with lower incomes, report they are facing problems. “My 14-year-old daughter Sabna was kidnapped on her way to work,” said a Hindu Karachi-based day labourer who calls himself Aziz so as to avoid being identified as a non-Muslim. “She […]

Post-independence milieu and Ya Khuda

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LITERARY perspective is often different from the views held by politicians. Contrary to the politicians, writers and poets do not base their beliefs on diplomacy or expediency. They feel the pain of humanity and often contradict the popular beliefs. Numerous writers of Urdu fiction have reflected on the tragedy of riots and massacre that entailed […]

Google marks Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day

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Islamabad :Tech giant Google changed its logo on Monday to a doodle with animated Pakistani flag to celebrate the country’s 70th Independence Day. Last year on August 14, too, Google dedicated its doodle with the Mughal-era Lahore Fort, locally known as the Shahi Qila. Since then, Google has also celebrated the birthdays of legendary Pakistani […]