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The climate anomaly

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It was quite strange when it didn’t rain even once last December in Pakistan. In the past, December used to be full of rainfall and the situation was quite unusual for climate experts. Some of them even believe climate change to be the reason for this. Dr. Ghulam Rasul, the director general of the Pakistan […]

Sab ki khair: How Asrar is fixing the world, one song after another

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KARACHI  :  While most musicians of today thrive on being in the limelight, there is one who keeps to himself, quietly doing his thing while the world moves on. This is Asrar for you, the silent topper in the classroom. Asrar’s is the sound echoing off of shrines, the sound of vernacular lands and faraway […]

Journalist beaten up by politician’s guards: police

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KARACHI: A journalist was on Saturday beaten up by guards of a politician belonging to the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional for raising objections over rash driving, said SSP-South Saqib Ismail Memon. The police officer told Dawn that he visited the JPMC hospital where the reporter of The Express Tribune, Zubair Ashraf, was sent for a medical […]

Pakistan’s tech eco system – an overview

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Entrepreneurship is the key for progress of the world. The big tech giants of the world, e.g. Google, Facebook or booking.com were, just a decade back, tiny startups which due to the presence of a strong ecosystem in their respective countries were able to scale at such a massive level. Startups cannot survive without a […]

First death sentence handed to man for blasphemy on social media

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An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Saturday sentenced a man to death for sharing blasphemous content about Islam on social media, a government prosecutor said. ATC Judge Shabir Ahmed announced the sentence for the 30-year-old accused in Bahawalpur, according to Shafiq Qureshi. The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) had arrested the accused, who belongs to the Shia […]