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Art show: Satirical illustrations of daily life

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KARACHI: Muhammad Sulaman has yet again explored his surroundings and has taken inspiration from daily life in his recent artworks, titled ‘Comedy of Errors’, which is currently on display at Artscene Galleries in Clifton. “[My work] has evolved over the years, which is [usually inspired] from the daily experiences of life,” the artist said, referring to […]

Mardan incident was ‘political lynching’ by social media

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ISLAMABAD: The ‘freedom’ afforded by social media had descended into a free-fall of trading serious allegations culminating into the ‘political lynching’ of a journalism student in Mardan last week. This was the view shared by panelists in a session on ‘Social Media: New Strategies for creativity and change’ on the third and final day of the […]

Keeping safe and secure

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As a profession, journalism in Pakistan is one of the most dangerous ones to be in. The number of journalists killed over the past decade puts Pakistan at the top of countries where it is almost impossible to work freely and fairly as a media person. Despite the challenges, we continue to strive and struggle […]