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Sound of colours: Where art and music strike chords

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KARACHI: The Full Circle Gallery opened an exhibition showcasing brief snippets of music concerts in the United States (US).

The exhibition, titled ‘A Dialogue with Karachi’, displays 17 images taken by artist Riaz Khan during concerts in different cities of the US, including New York, New Orleans and Houston.

The images capture the essence of attending music concerts, depicting musicians playing various instruments, the shadow of a dancing concertgoer, the excitement on the faces of people in the audience and musicians themselves in awe of the experience.

“I like finding stories that introduce us to a lot of cultures that we, as general public, are not exposed to,” he said while explaining the concept of the exhibition. “It’s all about the moment. It’s the story you get from these moments.”

In his artist statement, he writes, “Photography has given me the opportunity to… get a better understanding of my place in the world. I am bringing you brief snippets of those cultures, almost as a window into my world.”


Khan, after graduating from the Aga Khan University in neuropsychiatry research in 2003, left for Michigan to pursue further studies at Wayne State University.

However, he kept the passion for photography alive as he would volunteer as a concert photographer. “This was unknown to me as I had no prior experience with the art [but] it helped build a road for me.”

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