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Group show of 15 artists opens at ArtScene Gallery

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The ArtScene Gallery on Wednesday opened a group show of 15 artists curated by Marium Hanif.

The artists are Ali Farhan, Beenish Usman, Fariha Rashid, Farukh Adnan, Hifza Khan, Komal Shahid Khan, Mazhar Naveed, Maidah Khan, Madiha Shafiq, Mutaib Shah, Muhammad Sulaman, Sadia Farooq, Subtain Hassan Ghazi, Ozma Bhatti and Wardah Naeem Bukhari.

Ali Farhan said that he had depicted in his work children’s behaviour and psychological disorders.

Beenish Usman titled her work “Sublime” and said that she was trying to show how beautiful the world was. “I paint landscapes and somewhere hidden in them are unusual natural or unnatural disasters of this world which are now a part of our everyday routine and destroy our peace,” she said.

Fariha Rashid said her works revolved around the “rewards”. “It is being said that constant struggle will become easier and in the end you will be rewarded,” she said. “That’s what I have tried to portray in my art pieces as well.”

Farukh Adnan said his work was about the genealogical and personal examination of Tulamba, a small city in Punjab where he was born. “My works call for discussions relating to how we interpret a space within its context and how the context itself builds sometimes out of syntax,” he explained.

Muhammad Sulaman said his work was a continuous investigation of his surroundings. “I think every person is an amalgamation of his or her appearance. Clothing is one of the most common aspects of our daily life and it has rather subtle yet important impact on our relationships with one another. I believe we all use clothing and grooming on a daily basis to judge the actions, thoughts and behaviours of others.”

Ozma Bhatti said her work was about spontaneous expressions, and it was encouraged by surrealism, automatism and shallow pictorial space. “I explored varied states of human consciousness, enmeshing reality and non-reality in my works.” The group show will remain on display till December 30.

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