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2013/14 Journalism Fellowships at Reuters Institute, Oxford University

A number of journalism fellowships are now open for application to journalists from different parts of the world to study at the Reuters Institute of Journalism, University of Oxford. Check out the ones below and apply to those that fit into your interests.

Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellowship Programme

Applications are now open for the 2013/14 Journalism Fellowship Programme at the Reuters Institute, for mid-career journalists. The programme enables visiting journalists from around the world to do research in Oxford for a period of three, six or nine months.

The Fellowship Programme is at the core of the Institute, drawing together journalists from all over the world and assisting high-calibre, mid-career journalists in their careers. Fellows enjoy an opportunity to critically reflect upon their profession, to research a subject of their choice under the supervision of an academic specializing in that area, and to enjoy the breadth of academic, cultural and social life at the University of Oxford.


Applicants must have a minimum of five years’ experience in any branch of journalism and good spoken and written English.

This is not a degree programme but fellows are expected to write a substantial piece of research of publishable quality.

Worth of Awards

Awards may include travel expenses (including air travel economy class) and a modest living allowance. This arrangement is subject to variation.

Spouses and partners (including with dependents) are welcome but under no circumstances will the Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellowship Programme pay the travel or living costs of visiting spouses or dependents.

Fellows at the RISJ on Fellowships from Thomson Reuters Foundation, Gerda-Henkel, Mona Megalli, Wincott and Said-Asfari will receive a monthly stipend from the RISJ for their living costs during their stay in Oxford, as well as covering travel costs within reason.

Journalists may also arrange their own funding, but they should then approach the Head of Programme in the first instance before making a formal application.

Mona Megalli Fellowship for Journalists from the Middle East

The Mona Megalli Fellowship is open to a journalist from the Middle East region interested in researching and publishing material about professional standards and journalistic ethics in the region, how these impacts on the practice of journalism there, and also what changes are needed or could be contemplated to improve the practice of journalism in the region. Mid-career journalists from the Middle East are eligible.

Said-Asfari Fellowship for Journalists from the Levant

The Said-Asfari Fellowship, is a six month (two term) Fellowship supported by the Said Foundation and the Asfari Foundation. It is open to experienced journalists wishing to undertake research projects on a variety of subjects, normally related to the business, economic and/or social development of a country or of its media.

There is a minimum requirement of 5 years’ professional journalistic experience, but exceptional applicants who do not meet this requirement may be considered. Candidates should ideally be based in the Levant and intend to work there upon the completion of the Fellowship. Journalists from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria (resident in the Levant region or Egypt) are eligible.

Gerda Henkel Fellowship for journalists in the field of Humanities

Since 2005, the Gerda Henkel Foundation has awarded a six month (two term) fully-funded Fellowship to journalists who intend to carry out research in the field of Historical Humanities, particularly in Art History, Modern and Ancient History, Legal History or Islamic History. Within these areas, participants can freely choose their research topic, although it should ideally be connected with their professional activity.

One Gerda Henkel Fellow per year will join the Fellowship Programme for six months (two terms). Mid-career journalists from any country in the world are eligible.

Wincott Fellowships for Business / Economic Journalists from Eastern Europe

Since 1995 the Wincott Foundation has sponsored journalists from Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia for a three month (one term) fully funded Fellowship. There are usually 2 Wincott Fellowships per year. Preference is given to economic and business journalists whose proposed research topic is related to the business or economic development of a country or of its media.

In 2013-14 the Wincott Fellowship will be awarded to one candidate from Russia and preference will be given to a second candidate from Bulgaria.

How to Apply

Fellows should note that there are three ways of funding a RISJ Journalism Fellowship:
For the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Gerda-Henkel Foundation, Wincott and Mona Megalli Fellowships, applications for funding should be submitted directly to RISJ by the deadline given on this website;
For all other fellowships, please check your eligibility; applications should be submitted to the respective organisations.

Deadline: 31 January 2013.


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