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16,198 cases of violence reported in 11 months: report

Pakistan’s human rights situation is deteriorating significantly, with violence showing an increasing trend, said Zia Ahmed Awan of Madadgaar National Helpline.

In a statement on Saturday, he said the helpline recorded 16,198 cases of violence, including 2,946 cases of murder and professional killing, 1,368 cases of suicide and 2,053 cases of torture, during the last 11 months.

Madadgaar National Helpline’s database report said the overall figure included cases of violence against children, women and men from January to November 2012. Out of the figure, 6,139 cases of violence were against children, 5,725 cases against women and 4, 334 cases against men.

From January 2000 to November 2012, 88, 416 cases of violence against women, 60,974 cases of violence against children, and 56, 190 cases of violence against men were registered

During the last 11 months, 1, 060 children were murdered,1, 323 injured, 217 trafficked, 291 went missing, 556 kidnapped,174 fell prey to honour killing, 436 suffered sexual assault, 338 committed suicide, 320 got raped, 235 were sodomized, 447 were married forcibly and 561 braved torture.

During this period, 1, 284 women were tortured, 990 murdered, 401 raped, 153 murdered after rape, 163 gang raped, 431 committed suicide, 270 fell prey to honour killing, 533 were tortured by police, 158 trafficked, 261 married forcibly.

Out of the 4,334 cases of violence against men, 959 fell victim to police torture, 515 committed suicide, 402 were trafficked, 896 fell prey to professional killing and 185 cases of honour killing were reported.

Awan said there was need to take stern measures for eliminating human rights violations in the country.

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