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13 women axed under karo-kari pretext in July

KARACHI- At least six people including a woman were murdered in a day during the last month of July in different parts of Sindh while 24 people including, 13 women were murdered on pretext of Karo-Kari, the data of violence against women and crime was collected and compiled by Aurat Foundation.

This was the highest ratio of murders of men and women in current year so far.

According to data report released by the NGO, as for 44 women and 158 men were murdered in 31 days of July and two women were allegedly raped and murdered. The incident of rape with 10 women and 5 gang raped were reported in last month July while attempt of rape were made on six women, disclosed the data.

The report said 11 women committed suicide and attempt of suicide were made by 17 women owing to poverty, domestic problems/conflicts marriages against will and under age, illness.

At least 8 women were kidnapped and 6 other went missing while 31 couples got married through Courts after failing in getting permission of parents or close relatives.

The Jirgas by influential persons, sardars and government functionaries were also continued in last month but only four Jirgas (the lowest ratio of current year) were held over women issues, said report. A Jirga held in Daulatpur (Nawab Shah) where the perpetrators of alleged gang rape with woman were fined Rs.0.120m, report claimed. In last month, the incidents of physically torture with four women were reported while 23 women arrested by Police under different allegations or as compensation of male accused, revealed report.

The report said that a horrific incident was occurred in area of New Saeedabad (Matiari) of interior Sindh, in which a father of 15 children committed suicide after killing his wife due to poverty.

The accused in SafIa Qureshi murder case, the brother of MNA from Dadu district was released after settlement with relatives of deceased. This murder case was much highlighted in local newspapers and it got much attention, reported opined.
The Aurat Foundation said that this data report was prepared and compiled by Lala Hassan and Hina Tabassum and their volunteers and newspapers were the sources of information.
Source: The Nation