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120 journalists attacked and intimidated in 2004-05: Press Freedom

SLAMABAD, May 05 2005: According to a report titled “Media in Pakistan: Growing Space, Shrinking Freedoms”, more journalists and media organisations were attacked and intimidated during May 3, 2004 to May 3, 2005 involving 120 journalists as against 70 journalists during May 3, 03 to May 3, 04. The report, released on the occasion of Press Freedom Day ie 3rd May, stated that the worst case was of two journalists killed by unidentified people as they reported the military operation in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. This makes Pakistan “only one of a handful of countries in the world where journalists were killed,” it added.

The report prepared by Adnan Rahmat and Matiullah Jan stated that yearly statistics include two journalists killed, 26 injured in assaults including a female reporter, the house of one was bombed, one was kidnapped and beaten, one was placed under house arrest to prevent him from covering an event the government was edgy about and one got a threatening visit from intelligence agents at his home.

Well over 100 journalists were coercively prevented from coverage of arrival from broad of two major opposition leaders in two separate events, both centered round the Lahore airport. “The growing variety of identified intimidators of the media was also troubling: the government, military, police, intelligence agencies, religious groups and even political parties were getting into the act. In some cases the identity of attackers also
worryingly remains a mystery,” according to the report.
Source: Business Recorder