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‘This century is of media, democracyÂ’

Sharmila says no institution, nation or country can make progress without free press and strong democracy

KARACHI: This century is the century of the media and democracy and no institution, nation or country can make progress without free press and strong democracy.

Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Information Sharmila Farooqi said this on Friday while addressing the information officers of the Sindh Information Department (SID) who got training under Pakistan Press Foundation.

She said that the Sindh government had started many mega projects for the progress of the province and it is one of the prime duties of the SID to convey the message of the government to the masses because nowadays hundreds of newspapers were being published while dozens of electronic channels were on air and under these circumstances the duties of information officers and public relations officers increased.

Farooqi added that it was necessary that there be a strong and pleasant relationship between the media and SID and on the basis of these good relations we could maintain our reputation.

She stressed on the officers that they should write down articles on ongoing projects and inform the people about the performance of the government. She said that we had been elected through votes and are answerable to the people.

Farooqi said that accountability process was adopted in SID and a transparent and judicious procedure had been adopted in the department to distribute the advertisement in order to eradicate corruption and complains from the department.

She directed the officers that they should implement whatever they had learnt during the training in their professional life and use all their energies to bring good name for the department and the government as well.

She further said that the department was trying to send the officers abroad for training to enhance their capabilities and inter provinces tours were also being arranged to make them familiar with the working of other provincial information departments.

She said that the officers should keep themselves in touch with the changes taking place at the international level in the field of public relations.

Secretary Information Mumtaz Ali Shah, Director General Abdul Aziz Ukaili and Director Information SM Iqbal also spoke on the occasion.
Source: Daily Times