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‘Anti-women customs’

THIS is apropos of your editorial ‘Anti-women customs” (Nov 17). Surely, as explained in the passed bill, the criminal law amendment was a welcome move and a praiseworthy step towards women’s rights. However, law on domestic violence yet remains to be passed.

Four out of every five women in Pakistan face some form of domestic abuse, says a strategic paper.

According to the paper, 80 per cent of Pakistani women experience domestic violence, while one in every three faces some form of violence such as rape, honour killing, immolation, acid attack and verbal or psychological abuse.

Women in Pakistan not only face gender discrimination by society but also laws are made to subjugate them.

If the government is really serious about granting women’s rights, it should pass a bill against domestic violence immediately to protect women from various forms of violence.

Apsor, Turbat
Source: Dawn